A special part of what we do is giving back to others in need.  Whether it's donating product for auctions, to community events or sending money to help a cause we will do what we can to create change and make this world a better place for everyone. A current project that we feel passionate about is we are donating money monthly to Humane Society International to help save dogs lives from the dog meat farms in Asia.
darling home for kids
In the Spotlight: The Darling Home for Kids Foundation 

The Darling Home for Kids is a foundation close to our hearts. For the holiday 2017 season, we’d like to put the well-deserved charity into the spotlight to show our outmost support and love. 

The foundation provides hospice care services, and support for children with life-threatening or life-limiting illnesses. They also provide comfortable residential services for children. 

 “It is a fundamental philosophy of The Darling Home for Kids that all children be loved and valued, and given the opportunity to be challenged in an environment where they can thrive,” the foundation writes. 

Alison Gordon Studio is happy to announce that we are official donors for The Darling Home for Kids foundation. We have decided to donate gifting from our holiday proceeds to enhance the children’s stay. 

“I was lucky enough to grow up celebrating Christmas with my family and friends, and my parents always made it a special time for us,” said Alison White, Founder & CEO of Alison Gordon Studio. “I want to give back to children who are in need of a little something special and magical this Christmas. The children at The Darling Home for Kids fight each day and I want to bring as much joy as we can to their stay during the holidays.”

The best way to show holiday spirit is by giving back to those who need it most. 

To find out more or to donate to The Darling Home for Kids visit:

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